Safety closures

The Smolensk Plant of plastic products offers to customers services of the production of high-quality plastic products for the alcoholic industry for the KPM-30 stopper ring. The whole process of production of the stoppers at the plant is automated as much as possible, which allows craftsmen to produce full-color decoration of the stoppers to give them individuality and original appearance.

As a decoration our specialists use hot foil stamping and screen printing. If you wish, both types of decor can be used use at the same time – as a result, you will get a spectacular product, which will draw attention of consumers by itself

 Also, the popular type of decor is the application of a paint coating on the stopper – the procedure is carried out by spraying, which allows achieving an equal paint layer. Paint coating materials have a fairly wide range of colors, so each client can choose the ideal option for him or her.

Processing and production orders by specialists

The Smolensk Factory of plastic products fulfills orders  at the minimum period of time, and the prices of finished products are very attractive for large and small wholesale buyers. All manufactured products pass the strict standard control at all stages of producing, which minimizes the possibility of getting a reject.


Safety closures for the KPM-30 stopper ring

The TYPE-1 safety closure is the main product manufactured by the Smolensk Plant of plastic products.

The closure is intended for using on bottles with a KPM-30 stopper ring, 57.8 mm high. For the manufacture of products high-quality raw materials from the best Russian and foreign manufacturers are used.

closure structure

The TYPE-2 safety closure is intended for using on bottles with a KPM-30 stopper ring, 47 mm high.

At all stages of production, products pass strict quality control for accordance with State standard and technical regulations.